These tours have been in the planning stages for years. It's just that Rob didn't know it at the time. Having spent countless vacations cycling in exotic locations, Rob was amassing a huge repertoir of routes and sites that one day would be bundled and offered to his friends as Second Summer Tours.

Our roster of events includes a variety of latitudes and longitudes, all designed to give you maximum cycling pleasure at just the right time of year:


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Our tours include exotic destinations and experiences ... for those with a sense of humor, check out some of our favorite, ahem, 'facilities'.

Of all the tours I have done, including about 10 in Oregon, two in Idaho, and two in Washington, this one had to be my favorite. The West Maui ride was one of my all-time favorite days for its beauty and because we've never ridden that kind of landscape/seascape before. Also, the Kaleakala day provided a challenge and conquest that will be with me for the rest of my life in a very satisfying way. I regard it as my top cycling achievement. The icing on the cake was the group. I really liked every one of them and only wish they weren't so spread out so that we could continue to cultivate the friendships we made while there.

Also, having a legend like Pete around didn't hurt.

An experience like the Maui tour shouldn't end when you get on the airplane to head for home. I'll be reliving it for a long time.

Mike (and Carolyn) Kalish
Eugene OR